Coastline Youth Development provided me with foundations both athletically and socially.  I became a part of such a fun, loving family during high school that made going to the gym at 6 am exciting. All the athletes that I trained with had a goal and were motivated, always pushed themselves to be the best they could be.  As a current Division I athlete playing for a Top 10 Beach Volleyball Program, the demands of my coaching staff, athletic training staff, and teammates are set at a very high standard and coming home to Coastline allows me to continue training at a Division I level, just as it did before I left. I'll always be thankful of my roots in Grover Beach, CA and especially for Coastline and its staff for constantly believing in all of us, pushing us to be the best athletes we are capable of being.

- Jamie Walsh, Stetson University Hatters Beach Volleyball

Photo Courtesy Of: Jamie Bataille

Coastline Youth Development has helped me in many different aspects of sports.  It has absolutely helped me physically with the workouts and conditioning.  Having a head start, knowing what it is going to take to perform at the next level, what coaches will expect from myself was a big help that I am very thankful for.   Aside from physical help, Coastline has helped me mentally.  Always pushing me to perform my best and demand of myself just as much, or even more, than what others will expect of me.  Knowing I have supporters in my home town makes being away a lot easier and also gives me something to work for.  Seeing how much time the coaches at Coastline put in to help others become better athletes as well as becoming better people is an inspiration to my peers and I.  I know each and every athlete to have come in contact with Coastline is unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to get better at their respected sport.

- Elijah Holt, Defensive Back Southern Utah Thunderbirds

Photo Courtesy Of: Anita Bunker

Two of my children have been going to Coastline Youth Development for about 6 month.  Being a mother of 3, raising them on my own, I am very grateful to have such an amazing opportunity for my children. Coastline Youth Development has changed their lives.  My daughter had decided to start a more healthy lifestyle and I have seen a huge change not only in her physical appearance but also in her self esteem.  Coastline Youth Development has given her the skills and confidence to continue wanting to work hard and accomplish more of her goals.  My youngest has always been heavier than kids his age and has struggled keeping up in PE and sports.  Since he has started this program, little by little, week by week, I noticed changes in him. He was losing weight and feeling better about himself.  He has dropped his mile time 2 whole minutes and is very proud of the work he is doing and how far he has come.  He is even taking about wanting to play football next season. This program has really changed their lives. 

- Elizabeth Foor, Parent of Coastline Youth Development

My son Sam has been training at Coastline Youth Development for two years.  Garth identified him as an athlete who was willing to work.  In that time Sam has prospered athletically, in my opinion, because Coastline tailored a program to his needs by addressing his weaknesses while building on his strengths.  Garth even went through the trouble of teaching him what and when to eat.  Sam feels like family there and his relationships go far beyond trainer and student. Next fall Sam will be attending the college of his academic dreams on a scholarship made possible by his abilities as a football player.  Were it not for the people at Coastline, I'm confident that he would be going through the application process like most of his peers.  Garth and company found him at the right time and as a result he will receive a top education without the burden of post-graduate debt.  We will always be grateful for the help Sam received there.

- Warren Ness, Parent of Coastline Youth Development

Photo Courtesy Of: Ray Ambler

Coastline Youth Development has benefited me as an athlete in so many ways and I know every athlete that has worked with CYD can attest to that. CYD has definitely helped me transition into college by being physically and mentally ready for my respective sport (basketball). It has an amazing staff that will push you so everything that we do will translate onto the field or court. Also, it's not just a training facility where you come and go... It's one big family and everyone is supportive of each other, which is very comforting for new athletes. This is definitely a place that will help any athlete of any age to improve and become better at their respective sport. I'm very thankful for Coastline Youth Development and every other athlete that I know that has worked with CYD feels the same way.

- Matt Willkomm, Arizona Christian University Firestorm

Photo Courtesy Of: Keith Moody

Coastline Youth Development is a great place to perfect your technique and build strength.  Garth and Melissa Porterfield are incredibly gifted coaches who will identify every wrong movement, with endless support and encouragement. I participate in the Coast Youth Development. Garth’s dynamic programming along with the weightlifting has gotten me to be where I am today in Beach Volleyball. I would have never gotten recruited or even noticed if it wasn't for this program. There is a drastic change in my speed and agility on and off the sand. There is a great sense of community at CYD which makes it a very motivating environment to improve your skills. From the technical skills, strength, and friends you will gain, I consider Coastline a second home. I can't wait to watch this program grow and prosper throughout the years.

- Claire Newlander, Beach Volleyball

Photo Courtesy Of: Thomas Ranney

Our daughter Madison plays both indoor and beach volleyball and has been working with Coastline Youth Development for almost 3 years.  She started the summer before 8th grade as something new and fun to try.  As she began to get stronger we noticed her confidence level start to rise not only on the court but in her personal life too.  The training has increased her hitting strength, her jumping height and her agility on the court.  Maddie loves going to Coastline and loves the challenge of getting better at her sport.  It is her favorite thing to do.  Coastline is a place where she can hang out with other kids in a positive and safe environment.  The trainers are all so encouraging and treat Maddie like family.  They encourage and challenge her to be the best at not only her sport but in school and her personal life too.  Maddie has had such a positive experience at Coastline that she now wants to play volleyball in college and she hopes to also be a nutritionist and personal trainer for kids one day.

- Bill and Sheri Honeycutt, Parents of Coastline Youth Development

Coastline Youth Development has been not only a place for strength building, but a platform of which I've been able to explore who I am as a person.  The Porterfield's encourage each of us, as athletes, to explore who we are as people; whether that be through our own intrinsic battles or through the emphasis of working as a team.  Either way, Coastline has taught me that to become a better athlete, you must dedicate yourself to the weight room.  However, to become a better person, you must experience the struggles of fighting through your challenges alone, and working as a community to help each other overcome our weaknesses.

- Eddie Chagoya, Discus/Shot Put & National Scholar Award Winner

Photo Courtesy Of: Travis Gibson

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