At Coastline Strength and Conditioning we know what it takes to perform at a high level and how specialty programs or a consistent year-round strength and conditioning program is crucial in achieving this.  Any athlete or athletic program that comes to Coastline Strength and Conditioning will be given the opportunity to improve with programs tailored to your specific sport, season (in- season, off-season, post-season and preseason) or goals (speed, strength, flexibility and agility).  So if you are training for a specific life event, have significant physical/health limitations, or just prefer the additional attention and accountability check out what programs can help you.

At Coastline we feel personal training is an amazingly effective way for you to jumpstart your health and fitness, what ever that may look like.  If you desire customized, one-on-one fitness coaching click here to have one of our highly skilled coaches help you identify your fitness goals, assess your current abilities, and design a program that will enable you to achieve the results you desire as quickly as possible.  Our personal training runs

  • Price - $65 & Up/Per Session
    • Session Times Determined By Trainer 

Coastline Strength & Conditioning is a registered USA Weightlifting Club. The goal of our Club is to instruct and improve your understanding and execution of all the Olympic lifts.  In these classes you can expect to perform specific Olympic lifts, as well as accessory exercises including pulling drills, dynamic strength and/or speed work and always finishing with core work. These classes are for those looking to compete in USAW events or become a well rounded Olympic weight lifter.

  • Price - Monthly Membership
    • Members: $40/mo
    • Non-Members: $180/mo
  • Price - Punch Cards
    • Members: $300/20 Classes
    • Members: $150/10 Classes
    • Non-Members: $400/20 Classes
    • Non-Members: $200/10 Classes
  • Schedule
    • Up To 5 Days Per Week
    • 6:45 - 8:45 (Schedule Can Change)
    • Must Sign Up 24 Hours In Advance
    • Limited To 12 Athletes Per Class

At Obsidian CrossFit we value the extra time to it takes to practice, improve on our weaknesses or to build additional strength.  Our “Open Gym” classes are where our members can work on a skill, get better at a lift, complete a WOD they may have missed and much, much more.  These classes are structured to allow our members the opportunity to work at there own pace with a trainer on hand for questions, to give tips or make adjustments and as always keep our members safe.  Open Gym is included for our “Tribe” members that have an Unlimited membership and can also be purchased as needed by others with an "Open Gym" drop-in.

  • Price - $10/Per Session
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays From 6:45 - 7:45
    • Must Sign Up 24 Hours In Advance
    • Limited To 15 Athletes Per Class